We're almost into February of this year in Ohio and there have been some hints of Spring, only to be overtaken again by cold days here in Cleveland. Thinking about spring makes many of us feel like this year is already flying by, and some of you may be thinking, I haven't gotten anything accomplished! Some days we can certainly relate with you there. That begs the question, how can we be more productive? You know we're pretty keen on lists here at the Cobos Insurance blog, so lets look at a list we've compiled of tips and hacks for better overall productivity!


How to increase your productivity

  • Identify your 3-5 most important tasks every morning
  • If a task can be done in 2 minutes or less, do it!
  • Set specific times to check email
  • Learn to say NO
  • Stay off Social Media
  • Utilize small time intervals
  • Reward yourself
  • Make your bed
  • Work out in the morning

    How to put them into practice...

    When you wake up in the morning do you check your email and your Facebook account? Do you read your Ohio paper or flip on the TV and sit down with your cup of coffee? Do you turn on the radio to listen for Cleveland area school delays? What if instead of doing something that takes time away from your day you took a few minutes to list out the top 3-5 things that you want to accomplish for the day? This will allow you to have a focus going into the day and it also gives you a checklist to feel accomplished when you check something off the list. On that same note, if you think of a task and it can be completed within 2 minutes, simply drop what you are doing (unless it's one of the 3-5 target goals for the day) and get that task done! This will allow you to move on mentally and it also get's that task taken care of.

    When you are working throughout the day (unless your ONLY job is literally to respond to emails) make sure to only check your email at certain times of the day or if that isn't viable, only check your email periodically throughout the day rather than constantly refreshing your email feed. This will actually help you focus on other tasks that are important to you, especially if you followed our first tip and wrote out your top 3-5 tasks for the day. If you are constantly distracted by incoming emails (and who isn't at times?) then you will actually accomplish less throughout the day and feel less accomplished overall. The fourth tip that will help you be more productive is a pretty simple concept; learn to say NO. We all want to be the nice person that everyone can turn to in times of need, but the problem is that many of us can easily turn into the person that people pawn off their tasks on, rather than attempting to complete the tasks themselves. If you don't have to time or the capacity to help that person out, simply and politely tell them that you aren't able to help them and offer them a suggestion of how they can best proceed. This will actually help them to find a solution on their own, but you don't make yourself look bad since you offered them some guidance. You can certainly help people when you have the time, but if you are rapidly falling behind consider saying "no" more often.

    Social Media, what a great way to stay connected with people you love and care about in the Cleveland area and beyond. It's also a great way to waste a ton of time, stay off social media! Unless you have all of your top tasks completed for the day, steer clear of social media sites. Some places of employment wont even let their employees get on social media during the day, but most companies do allow it. However, just because you are aloud to be on social media throughout the day, does not mean that it will be beneficial to you. This ties in well with another one of our tips, reward yourself. Sometimes its ok to offer rewards of social media time to yourself if you get certain tasks completed. This can help motivate certain people, and if you fall into that category (most of us do) then don't be afraid to offer yourself rewards. This can help keep you motivated and on task.

    Another tip that can help you be more productive is to utilize time intervals to keep you focused. If you can work hard for 20 minutes on a certain task, typically you can accomplish a lot in a small amount of time. 20 minutes of undivided attention is better than 45 minutes of distracted work. If you utilize this strategy with our tip of working out first thing in the morning, you can really get your day of to a great start! Lastly, one of the top tips from success people on how to be more productive throughout the day goes back to something your mother probably told you thousands of times, make your bed every day! Making your bed first thing in the morning allows you to feel accomplished first thing and also come home to a nicely made bed which can help turn a bad day into a more tolerable day seeing your nicely made bed. It's probably more of a mental thing than anything, and there are certainly successful people that couldn't care less about making their bed, but give it a try, it couldn't hurt! With all of that being said, there is no substitute for action, so pick one and give it a try.

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