When you think about Haunted Houses, it's very likely that the first thing that pops into your head does NOT involve insurance. When you've worked in the insurance industry as long as we have, that's literally the FIRST thing that we think about! If you're wondering if you can insure your haunted house, the answer short answer is yes! We would like to help out the local haunted houses in Ohio with a few tips to help them make safe and educated this holiday season.

Tips to make your Haunted House safer

We want to provide you with some simple and easy ways to make your haunted house safer, this will not only keep your customers safe and happy but it could also help lower your insurance premiums. Who doesn't like to lower their insurance costs? The answer is no one of course! When you are checking over your haunted house structure in Ohio before the fans come in, be sure to check for any nails or screws that might be sticking out of the walls or floors. These little things could easily snag a child or adult that happens to walk past or on top of them. This next one might be obvious, but goes without saying, make sure you don't allow your employees and actors to use real weapons. I don't think we need to elaborate much on this tip! Next, make sure that you soak your drapes or any large cloths in fire retardant especially if you will be using candles or very hot lights. A fire could be devastating to your haunted house business, so along with the fire retardant be sure to have plenty of fire extinguishers on hand.

Make sure that you do a trial run of the house, watching out for any hazards that could result in a fall and be sure to check all stairways to make sure they have enough lighting that allows the patrons to navigate the haunted house safely. You should also have well lit emergency exit signs in case of an emergency. Even though the point is for your Ohio customers to have a scary fun time, they should never have to worry about where they can find an exit. You could even add some pocket doors so that your staff could get to a certain area quickly in the case of an emergency. This also brings up a good point about having a communication system between staff members and yourself along with the manager if you employ one. Two way Radios area great way to keep open lines of communication between everyone. You may even want to consider coding different situations so that your staff knows what's going on but wont alarm the patrons if they overhear an incident that is going on in a different area of the haunted house. The main underlying factor is to make sure that your customers can have fun and stay safe, and that your staff is fully trained and ready for any incident that you can think of prior to opening your doors.

How to Insure your Haunted House

When you are researching how to best insure your haunted house, there are generally three types of insurance coverage that you will encounter which include but are not limited to; general liability or personal injury insurance, workers compensation insurance, and property insurance. This may seem like a lot of different coverage for a seasonal Ohio business that is only open a few months out of the year, but of course you can never be too careful and you typically don't have the option to buy insurance coverage AFTER something goes wrong, you can only plan as best you can. You should certainly consult an expert like one of the advisors at Cobos Insurance Center before making any insurance purchasing decisions, in fact we'd love to hear from you, so feel free to call us at 440.233.6199!

General liability insurance would insure your haunted house in the event of someone falling down due to a fault of yours, or even a fault of one of your employees. For instance, if one of your employees jumps out in front of a customer and accidentally knocks them over and they end up needing to see a doctor, your general liability insurance should come into play at that point. Many of your Ohio customers will be trying to rekindle that scared feeling they had as a child, but they can likely no longer run like they could as a young kid, if they happen to fall down and sprain an ankle, your general liability coverage should help you there as well.

Workers compensation coverage should help you in the event that one of your employees is hurt on the job, just like it should with any business, your haunted house business is no different. The two scenarios that we mentioned above could easily happen to one of your employees as well as your customers. If for instance, one of your workers tripped over something and fell down and actually required medical attention, your workers compensation coverage should help you and your haunted house business offset those costs. When it comes to insuring the haunted house itself, you will need to look into some Ohio property insurance coverage. You likely have spent a lot of time and money on building and constructing your haunted house facility, when you add up the costs of the materials, the time spent making the props, and the cost of actually running the haunted house business itself. Property insurance should be able to help offset any monetary setbacks you could incur by damage or even loss of property that is instrumental in running your haunted house.

If you're thinking about running a haunted house business of your own, on your own personal property, there's a chance that you could qualify for home based business insurance. (To learn more, simply click this link to open our home based business insurance article) Again, you should consult an insurance professional before purchasing any type of insurance for your business. If you'd like to contact us today, simply click this link!

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