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A federal judge will recommend that Michael Cohen serve his 3-year sentence at FCI Otisville, which Forbes once named one of 'America's 10 cushiest prisons'
Michael Cohen said in court Wednesday that he had been living in a "personal and mental incarceration" under President Donald Trump and that his prison sentence would, ironically, help him get back his freedom.

POSTED DECEMBER 12, 2018 11:41 PM
Trump 'seething' after Cohen sentencing
President Trump's public silence belied his rising fury over longtime lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, who the President still insists is not telling the truth, after he turned against him and was sentenced to three years in prison. CNN's Jim Acosta reports.

POSTED DECEMBER 12, 2018 11:32 PM
Opinion: The most damning revelation from the Cohen case
The fall of Michael Cohen, President Trump's former attorney, is a watershed moment for the Trump presidency.

POSTED DECEMBER 12, 2018 11:50 PM
READ: Michael Cohen's statement in court
Former Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen spoke in court Wednesday before being sentenced to three years in prison.

POSTED DECEMBER 12, 2018 11:13 PM
Jake Tapper on Cohen's sentencing: This is huge!
CNN's Jake Tapper discusses the significance of President Donald Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, being sentenced to three years in prison.

POSTED DECEMBER 12, 2018 11:54 PM
How Cohen could help the feds get the Trump Organization
In most respects, Michael Cohen was a frustrating witness for New York investigators.

POSTED DECEMBER 13, 2018 2:01 AM
Democratic Rep. Heck: 'This is the beginning of the end for the Trump administration'
Rep. Denny Heck said Wednesday that recent indictments and sentencing memos show "the walls are closing in and this is the beginning of the end for the Trump administration."

POSTED DECEMBER 13, 2018 3:22 AM
Opinion: Cohen's fate is decided -- and it may determine Trump's
Judge William Pauley sentenced Michael Cohen to three years in prison on Wednesday, marking the end of a stunning rise and fall for President Donald Trump's former longtime personal attorney. Cohen went from knockaround New York City lawyer to hardball enforcer for an avaricious real estate mogul. He then ascended to consigliere for a presidential campaign that pulled off one of the most unlikely political upsets in history, before becoming an influential presence in the inner sanctum of the White House. And then he came crashing down.

POSTED DECEMBER 12, 2018 11:40 PM
Pelosi announces deal to win votes of Democratic critics
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi announced a deal Wednesday that could likely deliver her the votes to become speaker again -- but only for another two terms, laying out a timeline she had been reluctant to articulate until now.

POSTED DECEMBER 13, 2018 12:13 AM
Internet lights up over Pelosi's sunglasses
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) gets the rock star treatment as the internet lights up over her shades. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

POSTED DECEMBER 13, 2018 1:26 AM

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