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Why Your Ohio Funeral Home Needs Insurance Let’s Be Real…  If we’re being honest, funeral homes have a lot at stake because they are dealing with touchy situations. A lot of things could go wrong when dealing with people’s loved ones in a time of sensitivity. READ MORE >>

Why Your Ohio Restaurant/Food Truck Needs Insurance A restaurant, just like any other company, is a business. This means that it needs to have the same amount of protection as any other business. Restaurants are a little unique, as they deal with food. With food comes food safety, sometimes dangerous cooking areas and issues with liquor liability. READ MORE >>

  Ohio Daycare/Childcare Insurance   If you run or are thinking about opening a daycare or childcare center in Ohio, there are a few things you’ll want to think about. A location is one important key component. A staff to watch the children is another. READ MORE >>

Why Should Your Ohio Non-Profit Get Insurance? There are many reasons why your non-profit should get insurance, but the bottom line is this: your non-profit needs to have protection from certain things, just like any other business. READ MORE >>

  8 Things to do in Cleveland This Spring It's hard to believe that spring is upon us here in Cleveland, Ohio with the weather we have been experiencing lately. At the Cobos Insurance Center we like to be on the optimistic side, so we wanted to highlight eight fun things that you could do with your family this spring in Cleveland! READ MORE >>

"So, you run a non-profit in Ohio, your non-profit is doing extremely well and getting a lot of great feedback, but then you check your latest comments only to find out that you received a bad review. You most likely are not going to be very thrilled about this negative review.  READ MORE >>

  It’s that time of year again. The holidays are over and if you’re like us, you are waiting for the week that you can leave the cold weather behind and travel to a more breezy and beautiful place. (Don’t worry we still love Cleveland) It’s time for spring break! READ MORE >>

  The #MeToo movement had all but taken over social media a few months ago, but how can it affect your business? It can be positive and empowering for your female employees if you stay proactive and empower people to make the right decisions when confronted with issues of harassment. READ MORE >>

How does Insurance work for Non-Profits? This is a common question you might be asking yourself, or you might be a well established non-profit organization in Ohio but still have some unanswered questions regarding your insurance coverage. We specialize in insurance solutions for Non-Profit organizations in the state of Ohio. READ MORE >>

    Winter brings many things. Christmas, puffy coats, hot cocoa and of course, snow. Lots of snow. Snow can be great for cuddling up on the couch with a blanket, some hot cocoa and a movie. Snow can also be really pretty and definitely gets you in the Christmas spirit. READ MORE >>

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